What’s On Tap?

We Have The Drinks

We’ve traveled the world and spent years researching Bavarian, German, Bohemian and American brewing traditions as these styles have been enjoyed for hundreds of years. We find them to be best enjoyed over a warm conversation with friends.

Wine, Cider and Sangria

For the enjoyment of everyone, we also offer our house Vino131 wines along with cider and sangria from our small winery.

Cider and Sangria

Cedar Sangria
8.0% ABV
Dry Cider
6.9% ABV

Old Cedar Creek sodas

For the young, and young at heart, we proudly present Old Cedar Creek sodas, our flavorful soft drink lineup.


Kane Kola
Old school cola flavor with real cane sugar.
Diet Kane Cola
Our sugar free version with classic cola flavor.
A fruity and flavorful cherry cola, with hints of a Northern Michigan cherry stand in late July.
Orange Cream
When vanilla and orange cream love each other very much…
Root Beer

Our most popular soda is a traditional, creamy root beer with cane sugar sweetness.

Our non-carbonated summer in a glass.
A refreshing, citrus soda is like a dewy hilltop or a mellow yellow wave of refreshment.
This orange cola is a Southern German favorite sometimes known as “Spezi.”
A unique blend of pineapple and coconut makes this a fruity and refreshing soda.
A non-carbonated classic summer beverage with a little fruity kick.
Ginger Beer
With a spicy ginger bite and alcohol free, this ain’t daddy’s ginger ale.
A refershing, clear and spritzy lemon lime soda.

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