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Appetizers, Dinners and Drinks, CSBrew has it all, featuring authentic cuisine from the Upper Bavaria region of Germany and American smokehouse dishes.

Bavarian Menu

Our hearts found a second home in Southern Germany and
the foothills of the Alps, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite recipes with you. Please enjoy a taste of Gemütlichkeit and remember meals like Oma used to make.

1/2 loaf of our haus made farmer’s bread served with garlic herb butter. Extra butter – 1.00.
Biergarten Kase V
Obatzda (OH-baht-sda) is our famous beer cheese spread served with diced red onion, Landesbrot, and pretzel bites.
Bavarian Brauhaus Breze V
Authentic Munich Bier Hall style jumbo pretzel with garlic herb butter and German Mittlerscharfer mustard. Extra butter – 1.00.
Soup and Salad
Austrian Garlic Cream Soup
Knoblauchsuppe (K-nowb-lowk-zoop-a) is a local treat so tasty, you just might want to yodel.
Biergarten Salat GF
Leberkäse, Gouda cheese, cucumber, green onion, tomato, and garlic vinaigrette.
Bratwurst Teller
A pair of Michigan made German style bratwurst with German mustard, Landesbrot, herb butter, red cabbage, and kraut
Leberkase* GF upon request
Seared Bavarian pork loaf, with an egg sunny side up, house bread, and German Mittlersharfer mustard.
Add Flannel Fries – 2.00

Kase Spatzle V
Haus made pasta with green onion, chives, Alpine mountain cheese cream sauce, and crispy onions.
Traditional Vienna style breaded pork cutlet, served with oven roasted potatoes and a lemon slice.
The traditional Bavarian hunter’s dish. A sautéed pork cutlet with mushroom cream sauce and haus made spätzle.
Northern German style with breaded cutlet. – 2.00
A Romanian specialty schnitzel with a pork cutlet sautéed and smothered in sweet bell peppers, vegetables & seasonings, and paprika cream sauce over spätzle for a tangy treat.
Cordon Bleu Schnitzel
A specialty breaded pork cutlet filled with cured ham and Emmental cheese. Served with oven roasted potatoes.
Potato crusted pork cutlet, topped with cheddar jack cheese, bacon, sour cream, and green onions. Served with oven roasted Yukon Gold potatoes.
Biergarten Schnitzel
Pretzel crusted pork cutlet topped with Biergarten Käse, Applewood smoked bacon, and green onion. Served with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes.
Schnitzel des Tages
Ask your server about Chef Shaun’s Schnitzel of the Day to see what we’ve come up with next.

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